Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Sydney to Melbourne Overnight | Car Transport Service Pick Up‎

Sydney to Melbourne Car Transport rip off - RMC Transport
Have you been ripped off by RMC Transport? Report it to Police.


Sydney car transport business "RMC Transport" have been reported for demanding money up front then not turning up to pick up vehicles. The image above is one of their Google Adwords placements. The owner of the business Saba Hanania and RMC Transport should be avoided.

Their advertised phone numbers are: 0407 190 190 and 1800 984 178.

Report it to Police

If you have paid these guys to transport your vehicle and they haven't showed up, report it immediately to your local Police Station and get an event number. You may be told its a commercial or civil matter however insist on reporting it anyway. Important: Get the event number!

We have spoken to Police and have been advised this is the best course of action to have these matters esculated to the Police Fraud Squad. In addition let Hanania know you are reporting him. We know of one person who got their money back after he contacted Hanania to let him know he was going report him to the Police.

For more information about RMC Transport and owner Saba Hanania go here!

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