Thursday, 20 February 2020

Lawyer Saba Hanania Enjoying The Fruits of His Ripp Offs

Lawyer Saba Hanania, owner of Saba Lawyers and RMC Motorsport Pty Ltd t/a RMC Transport is no stranger to good times on his victims money.

Hanania's Law Firm Saba Lawyers is now under Law Society management due to serious breaches including fraud.

Saba Hanania's Law Firm - Saba Lawyers 

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Hanania's RMC Transport up and down Facebook Page is a testimont to his frivolous regard to the truth and his total disregard for Court issued Judgements. Hanania claims to be broke, separated from his wife Marcella and says he is no longer living at his Belfield home. The following screenshot, taken Feb 20, 2020 from his RMC Transport FB Page, clearly indicates he is working from the address he says he no longer lives at. Ex employees also vouch for the fact he still lives in the home with his wife and two sons.

Hanania Operaes His Business From His Home Address in Belfield

UPDATE Feb 21, 2020: RMC Transport now advertise this business address: Level 8/757 Ann Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006. Hanania uses the virtual office feature offered by Corporate House. They take redirected calls from his Mobile and send enquiry to Hanania via email. The actual business does not operate from Fortitude Valley. More Info: 07 3667 8800.

The RMC Transport Face Book page re-emerged after Hanania removed all the bad reviews from customers he has ripped off. Hanania bans clients from commenting on posts and has removed any ability to review his business.

The following montage of photos taken from his RMC Transport Face Book page indicates pretty clearly that this fraudster is living large whilst creditors and victims rely on the Law Society, our Courts and Government Departments like Fair Trading / Consumer Affairs to hopefully put a stop to his duplicitous conduct. Don't hold your breath!!

A complaint to Fair Trading about not paying a casual employee went absolutely no where. All Hanania had to do was lie and the whole matter was buried and left for the victim to try and get his hard earned. Another ex-employee is still trying to get over $30,000.00 owed to her from over two years ago and inspite of judgements in her favour has had no joy. She joins the many other victims who also have judgements against him trying to get their money.

Hanania avoiding judgements and having fun in his $400,000.00 Race Car
At The Track in His $400,000.00 Lotus Race Car

Saba Hanania orders a new truck for RMC Transport despite owing creditors thousands
Hanania Orders a New Truck For RMC Transport

More cars for Hanania but where is the money for his creditors???
Hanania Adding More Vehicles to His Fleet

If you have an unresolved dispute with RMC Transport it is recommended you contact Consumer Affairs in your State. You will need the following information for your complaint:
RMC Motorsport Pty Ltd ABN 46 633 771 534 t/a RMC Transport
2 Blanche Street
Belfield NSW 2191
Tel: 0407 190 190

Police Report Event Numbers related to Saba Hanania

A Sydney Law firm is co-ordinating all fraudulant complaints made to Police related to Saba Hanania, RMC Transport and Saba Lawyers. Contact us via FB Messenger or our form and we will connect you with the law firm. Please note only contact us after you have reported your incident with Saba Hanania, RMC Transport or Saba Lawyers and have a Police Event Number.

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