Thursday, 6 February 2020

Car Transport Company "RMC Transport"

Been Ripped Off by RMC? Report Immediately to your nearest Police Station
Been ripped off by RMC Transport? Report Immediately to Police!!

Are you a victim of Car Transport business RMC Transport or the business owner Saba Hanania?

If you have paid these guys to transport your vehicle and they haven't showed up, report it immediately to your local Police Station and get an event number. You may be told its a commercial or civil matter however insist on reporting it anyway. Important: Get the event number!

We have spoken to Police and been advised this is the best course of action to have these matters esculated to the Police Fraud Squad.

Have you been ripped off by Saba Lawyers?

Similar to his transport business, Saba Hanania takes money up front to handle legal cases then doesn't turn up at court.

Again report this to Police immediately and get an event number. Police may advise this again is a civil matter however ask them to take the report anyway. Important: Get the event number!

Saba Hanania has taken down his RMC Transport Facebook page after receiving bad reviews and being exposed as a fraud. He uses Google Adwords now to suck in his victims.

This is Hanania's most recent Google Ad

Ad 0407 190 190
This weekend car transport | Door to door one spot left‎
Call rmc today to book your spot. service constant communication of your investment. Door to door service. personalized service. 30 years won't be beaten on service.

Police Report Event Numbers related to Saba Hanania

A Sydney Law firm is co-ordinating all fraudulant complaints made to Police related to Saba Hanania, RMC Transport and Saba Lawyers. Contact us via FB Messenger and we will connect you with the law firm. Please note only contact us after you have reported your incident with Saba Hanania, RMC Transport or Saba Lawyers and have a Police Event Number.

You can also go to the Victims of RMC Transport Facebook Page to post a complaint or contact us.

More Information about RMC Transport and Saba Hanania

"The RMC Transport - Scammers" Facebook Page

Car Transporter RMC Transport - Scammers

Car Transport Consumer Alert - RMC Transport

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