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Sydney City Medical Centre owner Roselyn Singh suspect in identity theft

> The Roselyn Singh File

In February 2013, Sydney City Medical Centre owner Dr Roselyn Singh PhD, MBA, BCom (Hons), lodged a vexatious complaint with the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), against a competitor medical centre owner using an identity she stole from another competitor.

The extent of the use of the competitors identity, is unknown. However it can be revealed the identity has been used by Singh, since early 2012. It is also alleged Singh used other identities to intimidate competitor medical centre owners and staff.

Singh's fraudulent behaviour and intimidation of competitors doesn't end there. Complaints have been lodged against Singh with Police, ASIC, ACCC and Fair Trading for identity theft, false accusations causing an investigation, data and IP theft, misleading and deceptive conduct and passing off. Singh routinely lists competitor practices on her website including their addresses however with a different phone number. Callers are then redirected to Active Muscle and Spine at 300 George Street owned by an associate of Singh and Sydney City Medical which is owned by one of Singh's companys' UTSG Consortium Pty Limited (under administration).

In one of the largest ever reported personal information thefts in the medical industry, one of the centres listed on Singh's website had most of its patient data base compromised and IP stolen in a series of systematic frauds orchestrated by Singh and ex-employees of the centre listed.

Police, ASIC, ACCC and Fair Trading have so far failed to ignite an investigation into Singh or her associates. Fraud Police maintain lodging a false complaint using a stolen identity is not a crime and they have no legislative powers to charge Singh or her associates with data theft. In addition a Fair Trading insider explained, "it is not significantly important enough for us to investigate". Another example of Small Business being let down by authorities despite a clear mandate to investigate and prosecute business owners making false and misleading claims

Inquiries, by Data Theft, into Singh’s profile, appearing on Linkedin (Google search ‘Roselyn Singh PhD’), have failed to validate her publicised credentials. The University of Sydney, listed by Singh, has no record of her having studied for a PhD, MBA or BCom (Hons). Singh's present employers Deloitte and PwC, listed by Singh on her Linkedin profile, have been unable to locate her on their payroll records.

Roselyn Singh also owns VHealth Plus and has been President of Miss Earth Australia (since 2013). Both these organisations are located at 40 Park Street Sydney.

Singh's claims, published on her websites and various other websites, her medical centres and Miss Earth Australia are not-for-profit entities supporting various charities and foundations also remain unsupported by any discoverable evidence. None of Singh's entities are registered with ACNC.

Despite an independant Police report indicating Singh should be investigated, evidence and witnesses the HCCC have refused, without explanation, to lodge a complaint with Police against Singh for using a stolen identity to provide false information about a doctor causing an investigation, a crime under the Health ACT 2002 and the Crimes Act 1900. Complaints to the Health Minister, The Hon Jillian Skinner, have been redirected back to the HCCC and APHRA. APHRA will not investigate Singh because she is not a practicing health care professional.

Do you know more?

If you have information about Singh's interesting conduct or are a victim of one of Singh's scams Contact us


  1. I worked with her, all the above is true.

  2. Do not work for her - she does not pay her employees. Still owed many thousands of dollars. After reading above seems unlikely I will see it

  3. According to Linkedin profile states that Ms Singh was a consultant to PWC and Deloitte in which case, she would be invoicing these firms under a business or company name. This whole article seems like sour grapes and propoganda.

    1. If you have proof Singh worked with PwC and Deloittes or still does please provide it. It is interesting Singh indicates she currently consults to or for both organisations at the same time.

      As to other allegations in the article we are happy to provide you the evidence from which you can very easily draw your own conclusions.

      We are thinking you are one of Ms Singh's collaborators, referred to in the article, hence the anonymous post.

      We understand it is likely the previous commentators posted anonymously due to ongoing disputes they may still have with Singh.

      However, if you want to be taken seriously or have any information that conflicts with the article, then you are welcome provide it.

      We undertake to publish any authentic evidence you provide . . . if we ever hear from you again!!

  4. To whom it may concern

    With regard to Roselyn Singh and her abusive activities, she is currently defrauding the organizers of the Miss Earth Australia 2013 beauty pageant; she refuses to pay anyone for all the work they have done organizing the entire event for 2013... She bought the license from Carousel Productions Inc., nearly 5 months ago and has broken every agreement with the actual people who organized this years pageant... She even signed a contract with the past license holder (Maria Aida James) and refuses to honor the contract... After reading your article it would appear that she only bought the Miss Earth Australia license so she could support her claim that she contributed to not-for-profit charity, when in truth she does not have the organization filed as a not-for-profit foundation with the Australian Taxation Department; moreover, she has not done one thing to help organize the entire event, nor has she planted even one tree or bothered to show up for any community cleanup projects... She continually makes excuses for why she won't pay anyone and claims her company doesn't have checks to pay bills... She has yet to pay for any of the contracted services for the event menu and it would appear that she is defrauding them too, because she knows these fees are due, yet refuses pay!!!

    We are currently collecting all evidence to sue her for her breach of contract and for failure to pay anyone/the organizers for their honest hard work, so if there is proof of the claims as written within this post, could someone please contact me and provide such with all the sources, so we can hold this woman accountable for her acts of dishonesty and theft!

    Although I posted as anonymous, you are welcome to post my name and contact information... You can contact me at the phone numbers listed below or by writing to either e-mail address...

    Sincerely Bryan Christopher Amos

    Former President & CEO of Miss Earth Australia 2012

    US Contract Number: 001-1-256-693-2290
    Sydney Contact Number:(02)8-015-5594

  5. Hi Bryan,

    Thank you for your post. We are sorry that you too have been affected by Singh's dishonesty. You have unfortunately joined a long line of victims.

    We will contact you directly as requested.

  6. Google "forensic authorship identification analysis"

    1. Wow that is interesting!

      We would never have thought of engaging this type of person. Didn't even know they existed.

      Thank you 'Anonymous' really appreciate you stopping by. If you have other info that may assist us please contact me: at

  7. Roselyn Singh continues to rip off local businesses

    Unfortunately two more local businesses have recently been duped by Ms Singh both of which are heading to the civil courts in an attempt to retrieve their loss and damages.

    Sadly these affected organizations stumbled across the original article, about Singh and her deeds after they had been taken to the cleaners.

    Due to proceedings before the courts we have been asked not to name the affected businesses at this time.

    Data Theft - Background

    The Data Theft Blog was launched in September 2012 to highlight deficiencies in legislation dealing with insider data theft and to expose incidences of this insidious type of fraud against employers.

    Recent amendments to the Privacy Act have put business owners on notice that they are responsible for data breaches affecting consumers and at the discretion of the Privacy Commissioner may be heavily fined.

    However an insider (employee) data thief, the most likely perpetrator or cause of a breach, can only be dealt with in the civil courts if the affected business owner has the resources and money to pursue them following data theft.

    Singh registers "Data Theft"

    True to form Singh has recently registered (July 2013) variations of the "Data Theft brand", through her company UTSG. Singh has done very similar to one the businesses effected above however also registered variations of their domain names and completely ripped off all the content from their website to put on a website owned by Singh.

    One of Singh and her company UTSG Consortium Pty Ltd's many deceptive practices is registering variations of competitor brands as business names and then passing off as owning the businesses concerned.

    We have more to report on this and other deceptive & misleading practices by Ms Singh and will do so shortly. It will be interesting to see how Singh intends to use the Data Theft brand.

    Do you know more?
    If you have information about Singh's interesting conduct, Contact us

  8. Roselyn Singh's company UTSG Consortium Pty Ltd has been wound up by ASIC owing creditors and victims millions. Singh pulled an illegal Phoenix and refused to cooperate with the liquidators Cor Cordis. Singh reopened as UTSG Global Services trading as V Health Plus. Cor Cordis have lodged a report with ASIC.

    Singh caught passing off on two national organisations and acting as a lawyer to intimidate creditors and victims:

  9. Since the publishing of various articles about "Roselyn Singh" and her fraudulent activities we have been contacted by ex-employees and suppliers to her various businesses. Son 'Brendon Singh' is listed as a director of at least one of Roselyn Singh's businesses.

    Ex-employees at VHealth Plus, located at 40 Park Street Sydney, have told us 'Brendon Singh' instructed them to change Medicare item numbers after patients returned to the front counter following a consult with a Dr Baig. The item number changes meant a higher payment would be received by VHealth Plus from Medicare.

    Almost everybody, who has contacted us, has expressed concerns about what "the Singh's" might do to them if they come forward or report them to authorities.

    Suppliers turning up at VHealth to ask for payment have had the Police called by Roselyn or Brendon Singh to remove them from the premises.

    Employees who have queried the practice of changing Medicare item numbers or who have asked to be paid their wages have been sacked immediately and told to leave the premises. These employees are still owed their wages and other entitlements.

    If you have knowledge and or evidence of Medicare fraud you can make complaints to Medicare anonymously by form or phone.

    Phone: 131 524


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