Monday, 27 July 2020

Notorious Sydney Fraud Saba Hanania caught writing false & misleading Google Reviews

Shadow Director of 'RMC Transport' and 'MC Car Transport' Saba Hanania (Google profile "H") wrote a false and misleading review on a competitors Google Listing following articles published in The Australian, Datatheft and in posts on Face Book about Hanania's ripping off clients of his Law Firm and tranpsort businesses.

Saba Hanania pivoted from being a Lawyer to starting a car transport business after his law firm "Saba Lawyers" was shut down by the NSW Law Society for fraud. Hanania used funds ripped off from clients to buy a fleet of vehicles to get into the car transport business.

In an instance highlighted in The Australian article Hanania refused to pay a driver he owed over $10,000 after contracting him to deliver vehicles. Seeking revenge for being exposed Hanania posted the false and misleading review on the contracted drivers Google Business Listing.

Saba Hanania Fake Google Review

A complaint to Google received the usual standard email reply:

"We have assessed the review and have not found a violation of our policies. Due to this, the review will remain visible."

Saba Hanania Fake Review

The Australian Consumer Law prohibits online reviews that are collected, moderated and/or published in a misleading manner. Those who ignore the ACCC’s guidance on the matter risk being the subject of an enforcement action.

A formal complaint about Hanania's False and Misleading review has been submitted to the ACCC.

If Google has refused to remove false reviews about your business listing follow this link to the ACCC compaint form:

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