A few of years ago I was the victim of systematic data theft by self-entitled employees not once but on five separate occasions and all within a relatively short period of time. On various occasions even my identity was stolen by these insiders.

The loss and damages to the business we founded in 1998, my family and I were so significant that we lost the business, our home, every other asset we owned, including our superannuation and ended up with over $2 million in personal and business debt. Today we are homeless, living with mum in a small flat.

At age 60 it is no fun having to pick up and start again however rather than be beaten by the experience I started a blog with Jaqui, so that we could help others, particularly those in small-to-medium sized businesses, become more aware about insider data theft and ways in which they can reduce the chance of it happening to them.

If you have a data theft story please send it to us