Saturday, 25 October 2014

Roselyn Singh reported to AFP for identity theft.

Prolific fraudster Medical Centre owner Roselyn Singh recently used the identity of a prominent Canberra Doctor to intimidate victims of her various scams. Over 200 text messages were sent from Singh claiming to be the doctor and a lawyer named Sam. After being notified his identity had been compromised the doctor reported the identity theft to Australian Federal Police.

Roselyn Singh

The Canberra doctors identity was first used in 2013, by a business partner of Singh ‘Dr Salmans Baig’, to swindle over $50,000 from a Melbourne Healthcare worker. That incident was also reported to NSW Police by the victim.

What started out as an introduction, by text to a Canberra Doctor with information about Singh, quickly turned to harassment and intimidation. It became clear very quickly it was actually Roselyn Singh sending the texts.

Redacted to protect the privacy of the doctor.

Singh and her associates theft and use of identities to scam, harass or make false accusations to regulatory authorities and Police is a tactic often used against their competitors, unpaid ex-employees and suppliers and other victims of their many scams.

In the words of the executive officer of NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), following complaints about Roselyn Singh using stolen identities to lodge vexatious complaints against her medical centre competitors:

"The Commission will respond to any request for information from the Police regarding this matter. The Commission does not intend on pursing this in this instance as it does not concern an issue of public health or safety."

Senior NSW Fraud Police have stated:

"We have not received a report from the HCCC. The HCCC must first make a report to Police before it can investigate any matters concerning vexatious and false accusations causing an investigation".

Singh has also been implicated in the theft of thousands of patients personal information in 2012 and again in 2013. Singh collaborated with competitor medical centre insiders to hack secured systems to steal sensitive personal information of patients.

The HCCC, NSW Police and the OAIC have refused to investigate the data thefts despite detailed reports, witnesses and evidence.

Roselyn Singh’s company UTSG Consortium Pty Ltd trading as Sydney City Medical Centre was wound up earlier in 2014 by ASIC owing creditors and victims of her frauds millions of dollars.

Singh refused to cooperate with the liquidators and was reported for committing an illegal phoenix. Singh immediately started a new entity ‘UTSG Global’ after shifting assets.

Roselyn Singh continues to trade by having her son Brendon Singh and her business associate Dr Salmans Baig act as directors. Her businesses include V Health Plus and Miss Earth Australia located at 40 Park Street Sydney.

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