Thursday, 28 August 2014

Roselyn Singh caught passing off . . again!!

Roselyn Singh owner of Miss Earth Australia has been caught passing off on two of the Macquarie Networks brands 2GB and 2CH.

The Miss Earth home page carousel featured an image showing the logos for 2GB and 2CH and the words "Profiled, Business of the Month August 14". This image appeared when users first arrived at the website for "Miss Earth Australia".

A spokesman for the Macquarie Network said "we do run a business of the month award but this business is not part of it".

In the past week Roselyn Singh has been caught passing off on the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Macquarie Network and acting as a lawyer named “Sam” to intimidate a creditor and slander a victim of one of Sydney’s largest data and IP thefts perpetrated by Singh and her associates in 2012 and again in 2013.

Redacted image showing some of over 15 intimidating texts sent by Singh using the alias "Sam". Names of victims removed to protect their privacy

Roselyn Singh is a prolific untouchable fraudster who has had numerous complaints against her and her businesses for various fraudulent activities including refusing to pay employees, passing off as a not-for-profit, illegal phoenix, false accusations against competitors causing investigations of innocent persons, data and identity theft.

Roselyn Singh

Unfortunately none of the regulatory authorities, including ASIC, Fair Trading, HCCC, APHRA, ACNC, Fair Work and Fraud Police have considered her misdeeds worthwhile investigating or have the legislative powers to prosecute her despite the weight of numerous complaints, accumulating evidence and victims.

If you know more or are a victim of Roselyn Singh contact us.

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