Sunday, 8 September 2013

Suspect Identity Thief Roselyn Singh Continues To Mislead Local Business Owners

Unfortunately two more local businesses have recently been duped by Ms Singh both of which are heading to the civil courts in an attempt to retrieve their loss and damages.

Sadly these affected organizations stumbled across the original article, about Singh and her deeds after they had been taken to the cleaners.

Due to proceedings before the courts we cannot name the businesses at this time.

The Data Theft Blog was launched in September 2012 to highlight deficiencies in legislation dealing with insider data theft and to expose incidences of this insidious type of fraud.

Recent amendments to the Privacy Act have put Business owners on notice that they are responsible for data breaches affecting consumers and at the discretion of the Privacy Commissioner may be heavily fined.

However an insider (employee) data thief, the most likely perpetrator or cause of a breach, is immune from prosecution and can only be dealt with in the civil courts if the affected business owner has the resources and money to pursue them.

Singh registers "Data Theft" and various combinations of our blogs name.

True to form Singh has recently registered (July 2013) variations of the "Data Theft brand", through her company UTSG. In a previous article about Sydney Medical Centre owner Roselyn Singh we dealt with her interesting methods of doing business.

One of Singh and her company UTSG Consortium Pty Ltd's many deceptive practices is registering variations of competitor brands as business names and then passing off on her website with these brands in an attempt to confuse consumers.

We have more to report on this and other deceptive & misleading practices by Ms Singh and will do so shortly. It will be interesting to see how Singh intends to use the Data Theft brand.

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